Charlotte Geek Union of Student


Mar 3 /18 - Blockchain

New Members

This time we have some new members in our meeting:

  • David, from Providence Day School, interested in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science, thanks David for offering meeting space.

  • Joey, freshman from Country Day, who is interested in programming and web security.


Left to right: Rocky, Joey, David, Bill, Joseph

Meeting Summary

This “Hacking Saturday”, we mainly talked about how Blockchain works, based on a module of payment.


Blockchain is really just a secured concept of building up a decentrolized confirmation system.

As the module of how Paypal works, Blockchain is removing the role of Paypal who centrolizes all the data, instead, Blockchain is making every user a “server”, which helps itself to process all the requests or confirmations.

I wished that I have some photos taken for my drawings on the whiteboard, unforturnately I did not….

Sorry guys, next time.


The first Database working on Blockchain, very similar to git.

You can revert by a time point. Every single block contains data, using time point as its identity.

FlureeDB Official Website


We are still looking for a photographer who can take pictures of us.

It does not matter if you are not professional, just let me know if you are interested.


Start learning coding by myself when I was 8-years-old. Do C/C++/Linux developing, also doing WEB developing.