Charlotte Geek Union of Student


Upcoming meeting - Mar. 3rd

To All CHARGUS Members/Subscribers!


“Hacking Saturday”

We are going to have next “Hacking Saturday” meeting in the library at Providence Day school on Mar. 3rd, which is the first Saturday of Mar.

This time we are having it on the first Saturday of Mar. instead of the last Saturday of Feb. because we did not have a meeting room to use.

Thanks to David Gu’s effort, now we can have a meeting space at Providence Day School.

Content List

  • Blockchain Introduction
  • Blockchain Application
  • Digital Coins and Mining
  • FlureeDB Introduction

Location and Time

Providence Day School
200 Conference Room, 2nd floor
Charlotte, NC

Saturday, Mar. 3rd
9:00AM ~ 11:00AM

You can come early for breaking ice, I will be there 8:30AM


  • If you are bringing friends to the meeting, please email me so I can estimate how many people are coming to this meeting
  • You may not bring snacks to this meeting (rules by the library, sorry guys)
  • Bring your laptop or other devices if you want (recommended)

  • I am expecting to have a photographer for out meeting, if anyone interested, please email me

  • If you are having trouble finding meeting location or having questions on other information, feel free to call me or text me at (980) 430 9361


Start learning coding by myself when I was 8-years-old. Do C/C++/Linux developing, also doing WEB developing.