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Skipping meeting - Dec. 30th

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Skipping meeting on Dec. 30th

We are planning to skip one CHARGUS meeting, because, as the pattern, the next CHARGUS meeting should be on Dec. 30th and some of our members will not be in the town in the winter break. I was going to move the meeting day to Jan. 6th, but I will be in Atlanta, GA to meet former president Jimmy Carter on that weekend. So we may skip one meeting, and next meeting will be the last Saturday of Jan. which is Jan. 27th.


Except someone can volunteer to organize this meeting without me. If someone is capable of preparing a topic and start a discussing it would be great. If anyone is interested in that please email me or comment below. If you don’t receive another email until Sunday, then the meeting is skipped.


  • Our online forum is constructing, plz wait
  • We have more new members!
  • If anyone is familiar with AngularJS, please email me, I need help

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