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Oct 28 /17 - First Meet-up

Break Ice

This is, obviously the first meet-up of CHARGUS community, now we already have 5 people including in the community: Bill, Joseph, Rocky, Nik and Tony. However, Nik went out of the town and Tony was too busy and too far, so we only had 3 people in this meet-up today: Bill, Joseph, Rocky.


The first meeting is pretty much about Break ice, Exchange ideas of programming language.

We talked about

  • How do multiple programming languages work together in a single project
  • How do individual programs contact each other
  • How do “socket” works between servers and programs
  • The use of memory space and address

We created “package” theory to explain how do programs contact each other: by throwing a package to the memory space, and another program fetches it and read it.

Created a concept of UI and Kernel Code combination (e.g Unity and C# work together)

"Screen fetch"

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Start learning coding by myself when I was 8-years-old. Do C/C++/Linux developing, also doing WEB developing.