Charlotte Geek Union of Student


Break The Silence

Hi, this is maybe the first day this website runs.

I got no news or events for all your visitors yet.

But I think I should BREAK THE SILENCE


I am here writing my wishes for CHARGUS.

I have built some communities before, including some local communities.

I just arrived Charlotte, and noticed that we don’t really have a student community for programming! I decided to make one.

I hope more and more students will come to this BIG FAMILY, more and more students will make friends, and more and more students will learn new things…

That’s it so far

I don’t really have so much to say.

I am a student, a friend, and a developer.

I am here waiting for you to join.

Know more about us: About Page

IRC: Freenode #chargus


Start learning coding by myself when I was 8-years-old. Do C/C++/Linux developing, also doing WEB developing.